Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki
Basic Information
Other names Devil of Pleasure
Race Devil
Elemental Power Lightning
Former race Two Cane
Gender Male
Personal Information
Height 186 cm (6'1")
Other Information
Voice actor Hanada Hikaru
What a pain in the ass! I'll electrocute you!


Verg (ヴェルグ) is a supporting character in Lamento. He is the Devil of Pleasure, and the third oldest of the devils. He appears to be quite sadistic and had a very troubled childhood in his past life as a human.


Verg using his powers.

Verg is a tall and muscular individual dressed in a variety of furs and leathers. His color scheme consists of gold, black, olive, and an orange-terra cotta. Decorated in belts, tassels, buckles and boa, he's flashy and in appearance somewhat leans toward luxurious living and indulgence. He is described as goat-like regarding his horns, has silvery hair and interestingly, heterochromatic eyes, one being green and the other being gray.


Verg and Kaltz in the cover of Lamento: Comic Anthology Volume 2.

Verg is a very intimidating figure who revels in the power he has over others. He loves to dominate them physically as well as psychologically, and has little respect for other people's personal space. Cats are thoroughly beneath him, but contrary to Razel, Verg seems to hold them in disdain. He loves fighting and dislikes holding back, but nonetheless listens when Razel proposes a truce. Since he's very brash and loud, this leads some people to underestimate him as a thoughtless brute, but Verg is nonetheless a schemer, seeking to exploit whatever opportunities present themselves.

Verg shows a certain romantic interest for Kaltz, who ignores him most of the time and considers him annoying. On Asato's route, Verg complains about the fact that Konoe and Asato were being too loving with each other, with Froud commenting that he was just jealous, presumably due to his poor relationship with Kaltz.


One of the four devils wanting to devour Konoe, Verg is now out to get revenge against Leaks for subjecting him to so much humiliation. He wouldn't have minded devouring that little runt of a cat right away, but his fellow devils just had to go and complicate matters unnecessarily.


  • Verg and Kaltz are good with close-ranged attacks unlike the other two devils.
  • Verg clearly shows sexual attraction toward Kaltz, however the feeling is not mutual.