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Map of Sisa (Found on Livejournal)

Sisa (シサ), romanized as Shisa, is the vast world in which the events of Lamento take place. Sisa doesn't have a sun, just a moon of light and moon of shadow. The moon of light rose from the west and shone its brightest at noon. The moon of shadow rose from the east to look over after dark.


Ribika, the Goddess, is a woman with wings, cat ears and a tail and the main asset to the creation myth of Sisa. She is the wife of Futatsuzue (Two Cane) and the couple created Sisa. Ribika laid a rainbow egg which fell to the earth and shattered, giving the earth life which awakened at Ribika's song. The cats also said that she would appear to them as a four legged creature with ears and tail like theirs(the form of a cat on our world). They decided to call themselves cats because of the similarities.

Futatsuzue is the male God of their creation myth. He walked on canes (thus the name; Two Cane) and had five fingers. The cats widely worship and respect him and his wife, Ribika. Throught the world, there are ruins said to be left by them and documents written by Futasuzue that they cannot read. 

It is actually shown that Futatsuzue is not a God, but humans who at one point existed in Lamento's world and have left their mark.


  • Ransen - The largest city in Sisa, a big chunk of the game takes place here.
  • Karou - A small village located in the southern portion of Sisa. It is Konoe's birthplace.
  • Kira - An isolated village located within a treacherous valley. Both Asato and Kagari come from Kira.
  • Setsura - A town located to the north. It's residents are well-known for being large cats. Both Bardo and Rai come from Setsura.
  • Meigi


Void Forest - The forest north of Karou and south of Ransen. The area was extensively damaged by the Void, and there were sighting of monsters at the forest. Making the Void Forest a very dangerous place to travel through.

Other Places[]

Field of Four Colors
Small Shine
Flower Garden

Map flower garden.png