Ev o シュイ登場


Basic Information
Other names The Poet
Race Cat
Type Small-sized cat
Gender Male
Personal Information
Hometown (Presumably Ransen)
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Relationships Unknown (Wife, deceased)
Family Konoe (Son)
Skills/Abilities Sanga
Sanga's instrument Lute
Other Information
Voice actor Nakahara Shigeru
Shui (シュイ), introduced as "The Poet", he's a mysterious man that follows Konoe and his friends during their travels. Has some sort of connection to Konoe and Leaks.
"A fleeting beauty is released before our demise. This song is the beginning of our great and pitiful world."

Appearance Edit

He is always seen covered in layers of clothes, his face is hidden in a long hood and shawl eyes not seen.

When his face is revealed he has long reddish-brown hair with a long fringe.


Shui is silent for a large portion of the game, hiding his face in his robes and shawl. Although he was killed 18 years ago, his spirit continues to linger, seeking to repair what he feels is his fault, and to protect his beloved son. He's a very gentle and soft-spoken individual, who talks very affectionately of his family, and also desperately tries to convince Leaks of his true feelings. In life, Shui was an extremely powerful sanga, running for the office of head sanga in Ransen, but his rivals were attempting to use his friendship with Leaks against him, ultimately killing him. 


The mysterious poet who appears in the village of Karou one day inspires an interest in Konoe that he cannot understand. In fact, the further along he goes on his journey, the more it seems like the poet is following him, always vanishing just when Konoe is about to ask his name.