Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki
Basic Information
Other names Devil of Wrath
Race Devil
Elemental Power Fire
Gender Male
Personal Information
Height 186 cm (~ 6'1")
Other Information
Voice actor Yasumoto Hiroki

Razel (ラゼル) is a supporting character in Lamento. He's the Devil of Wrath. He can manipulate fire. Despite his title, he is actually usually calm and collected.


Razel using his powers.


Razel is a fairly mysterious fellow. His past is shrouded in mystery, though he and Verg are definitely the oldest of the devils, and have already been so for a very long time. Contrary to what one commonly associates with 'wrath', Razel is a very calm and regal individual. Others will listen to what he has to say—even his fellow devils, and although Razel definitely perceives himself to be superior to cats, he displays an odd sense of benevolence when dealing with them, as if bowing down to them. He is especially curious about Konoe and does not seem to mind sharing a few secrets with him, despite the fact that this does not readily gain him anything. Konoe remains wary of him, but as far as devils go, Razel definitely relies on more subtle methods.


One of the four devils seeking to capture and devour Konoe, Razel is now out to get revenge against Leaks and regain his powers. However, he will definitely not complain if that hunt also nets him a certain kitten in the process.

Common route[]

If you choose "Hellfire" you will be able to access his bad route. In his bad route Konoe succumbs to his emotions and becomes a devil, as well as Razel's "play thing". Konoe and Razel have sex while the world is taken over by Meigi and devil worshipers while The Void and The Sickness spread.