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Ransen (ランセン) is the bustling capital city of Sisa. Its cats live in the ruins of modern-looking buildings, and the city itself is considered to be the most advanced in Sisa. During the game, it is the only inhabited location where The Sickness and The Void have not touched yet. Bardo's inn is located here.


The capital of Sisa, it is the heart of the country, the center of commerce, and the site of many Two Canes artifacts. Its system of government involves a lord, but no further details are introduced. Sangas are trained in Ransen, and a chief Sanga, who's shown exceptional ability, is chosen to accompany the Ransen lord.

Located in the city is Sisa's largest library, open only to scholars, except for the last day of the winter festival, Antou, when it is open for the public. Books within the library mainly pertain to the Two-Cane and Ribika. Bounty hunters, such as Rai, have a hideout near the city, within the forest.

Two festivals are held in Ransen, due to its high population, attracting even more cats to the city. The winter festival, Antou, is celebrated to ward off demons. Cats dress up as demons, open up street stalls, and celebrate with festivities for three days. The spring festival is not named and, although not many details are given, it attracts even more visitors than Antou does.

Sisa's largest library


Bardo's Inn[]

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