Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki
Basic Information
Race Cat
Type Large-sized cat
Gender Male
Occupation Drifter
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Height 182 cm (~ 6')
Relationships Bardo (Nemesis)
Other Information
Route for history Bardo's
Voice actor Daisuke Ono
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Michael (マイケル) is a minor antagonist in Lamento. He's a drifter who arrives one fateful night at an inn in Ransen. Everything about him is shrouded in mystery, and he immediately causes conflict upon his arrival. He is central to Bardo's bad ending.


Michael is an orange-and-white cat. He does not wear clothes, but nobody seems to notice. His regular stance is one of great power and immovability, which complements his personality.


Michael is an intimidating guy, yet anyone having a good day might find themselves easily siding with him in any controversies. He uses his gruff voice to get what he wants, usually without resistance. His resting facial expression never gives away what he is thinking, and he enters every scene fully stanced up, showing that he means business.


Since Michael is a drifter, not a single soul in town has any knowledge of him or of his past. Even his calm, menacing demeanor does not grant any insight.



Michael instantly gets on Bardo's nerves by demanding to stay at the inn for free, "And you won't do a thing about it," he says. Michael's aggression catches Bardo off-guard and causes him to ignore his own reasoning along with Konoe's pleading to de-escalate the situation. When the two eventually fight, Michael downs Bardo with one punch to the jaw and exits the inn, presumably to spend the night elsewhere. The next morning, it turns out Michael has charmed most of the town's inhabitants and spread rumors that Bardo is a pedophile, causing them to completely avoid Bardo and his inn, even steering away new arrivals in Ransen. Because of this incident, both Bardo and Konoe end up in prison.