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A Meigi cat.

Meigi (メイギ) is the rival tribe of Kira; its inhabitants are known for worshiping devils.


Since long ago, Kira and Meigi have been in conflict with one another, for unknown reasons, presumably due to the Meigi's culture of worshiping devils.

Because of their love of the darkness, the Meigi cats usually do not mate outside of their village, thus their blood harbors a darkness, and disastrous results will come from mixing Meigi blood with other blood. Asato is such a case. According to Kaltz, the chance of the Meigi blood awakening, in a mixed child, is not very high, but when in contact with another darkness, such as Konoe's curse, the probability is much greater, and will awaken at a greater rate.

They practice summoning devils with a special flower, only found in an isolated location in the forest. Only the Meigi know where the field is. The flowers appear normal during the day, but at night, they appear luminous and alive. Even when picked, the flowers and its petals do not wilt.

At the present time of the game, the majority, if not all, Meigi cats are serving for Leaks.

Field of flowers used by Meigi for devil worship