Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki

These are the legends of Sisa, although some is strongly hinted to be fact these have not been confirmed in the story as such.

Two Canes[]

Two Canes were the most intelligent of all life. Each tribe had its own language, they created many things, and they had the ability to manipulate their superior technology at will.
They could fly though the sky or burrow underground, and they could spend many days at sea. Their sensitivity was sharp, and they excelled in their aesthetic sense, expressing themselves through music and art to convey themselves easily to others. The ancestors of the Ribika were Cats that obeyed Two Canes.
They were virtually second only to the gods, and could have been called the gods on earth...
From the books Konoe read at the Library.


The sun had fallen into the ocean making it glow yellow, and the moon was split in two. The moon of light and the moon of shadow.
First heard by Konoe.


The goddess Ribika couldn't support the sun, so it fell into the sea and she broke the moon in two. That's why there are two moons now.