Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki
Basic Information
Race Cat
Type Small sized cat
Gender Male
Personal Information
Age Presumably 18
Hometown Karou
Height 173 cm (~ 5' 8")
Possible race change Devil
Relationships Rai (Possible lover)
Asato (Possible lover)
Bardo (Possible lover)
Family Shui (Father, deceased)
Mei (Mother, deceased)
Skills/Abilities Empathy
Sanga's instrument Voiceless
Other Information
Voice actor Hatano Kazutoshi

Konoe (コノエ) is the main protagonist of Lamento. He's from the village of Karou, where he lived alone after his parent's death.



Konoe is a young and small cat, and of relatively short stature, something remarked upon often by the rest of characters—devils and cats alike. Konoe has medium length, light blonde hair with green (occasionally red) undertones and brownish orange eyes. Though he would generally be considered average height in reality, he is petite in comparison to the larger cat breeds seen throughout the story and is mocked for it. 

His tail and ears have two variations of coloring over the course of the game. His original fur color is white tipped in light brown, whereas later when inflicted with the curse, his fur turns completely black. Though he is disgusted with the dark coloring, he has a consistent hatred and insecurity for his crooked tail and gets openly furious when it's nature is commented on. However, in their routes, Rai, Asato, and Bardo compliment his tail and tell him that they like it.


Konoe seems to be a loner, living alone in a house in the forest, but in fact really enjoys the company of others and is pretty open. He's very friendly and loyal to his friends. He has the common sense to know when killing is necessary, but ultimately really hates any kind of cruelty. He's very self-confident and won't stand for being harassed. There are only two things that he considers himself to be insecure about; his crooked tail, and terrible sense of direction. Apart from that, he believes that the anger, sadness and loneliness can be changed into a power to push him to go forward. He is also sensitive on the topic of his fear of fire and tries to keep this a secret as best he can.

Konoe is rather introverted and has difficulty forming relationships. His only friend is Tokino, a merchant cat who Konoe is extremely fond of. As he is orphan, he is shunned by his village and grew to hate the people there; he avoids most interaction with the cats there. He is shown to be kind, yet slightly naive of the world and empathic to a self destructive degree. He is ignorant of many worldly things from his sheltered life in Karou alongside his age. His lack of experience makes him impulsive and extremely stubborn but he has strong common sense with strict morals; normally he despises any form of cruelty and tries to avoid killing unless absolutely necessary, but Leaks inspires violent urges in him.


Konoe (who you guide through the game), lives alone in the starving village of Karou, where the villagers have turned to a lottery system of cannibalism. The victims are called "sacrifices" and are chosen by draw.

Konoe begins to have terrifying dreams of snakes, and one night wakes up with strange marks appearing on his body and his beige ears and tail turned to black — the signs of a curse, one of legend. To make things worse, Konoe is informed that he will be the next "sacrifice" victim. Konoe flees Karou and heads to the city of Ransen to try to find a way to rid himself of the curse.

The protagonist, Konoe, discovers strange markings on his arms as the story begins to unfold.

Konoe's Journey[]

Along the way, he meets the love interests Rai, who saves him from bandit cats, Asato, who helps him in the village of Kira, and Bardo, the innkeeper of the inn he stays at in Ransen. Later he meets the four devils, If you wish for heart, then your journey on a route will begin. If you choose hellfire, it will lead to the bad end, thus shortening the story.

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Bardo often tease Konoe from time to time, however Konoe calls him an old man, idiot and other names whenever he gets flustered by him. By his near end, he tells him that he hates him, yet he feels something deep inside whenever he’s around him.


It’s shown that their relationship is the most popular and well know pairing in the game. Rai hides his feelings towards Konoe throughout his route. Eventually he shows him his true feelings towards Konoe. Even telling him that if he’s mot himself, Konoe must stab him in the heart. Rai even lets Konoe pet his tail after they go back to Karou.


Asato is in love with Konoe. At first he saw him as an intruder to Kira, but then Konoe told him his fur was pretty, which no one ever said to him. Later he is shown to be very shy towards Konoe. In his route, Konoe tells him that even if Asato turns into a monster, nothing will change the way he sees him.


  • Konoe is the only Nitro+Chiral protagonist to be a ribikia.
  • Konoe has a bad sense of direction. This is shown multiple times.
  • Its seen from time the time that Konoe’s behavior is extremely cat like. Its shown when he tries to pounce at a mouse during the festival. This is probably because of his instinct,
  • Even though his age is never confirmed, its hinted that he’s 18.
  • Konoe is scared of fire.
  • Whenever a love interest comments on his tail and it’s hook, he gets extremely embarrassed about it and denies them.
  • Konoe played the role of Snow White in the Gakuen AU drama cd.
  • in official art, Konoe can be seen coughing out a hair ball.
  • Konoe is the only Nitro+Chiral protagonist that can sing.
  • Konoe’s favorite fruits are kuims, a fruit that is seen in most official art pieces.
  • He’s lived off fruit and nuts back at his life in Karou.
  • Even though he looks extremely similar to Leaks, Shui says Konoe looks just like his mother.
  • Konoe doesn’t know how to write.