Basic Information
Race Cat
Gender Female
Personal Information
Hometown Kira
Family Asato (Adoptive son)
Other Information
Route for history Asato's
Voice actor Kawasaki Eriko
Kagari (カガリ) is a supporting character in Lamento, one of the few females introduced in the game. She is also the last female in Kira and the one who raised Asato.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Kagari is against outsiders, like much of the people of Kiran. She seems a little brash and stubborn but will come around if it's an order.

Common RouteEdit

She is first seen standing beside the Elder when Konoe visited Kira to see if they know anything about his curse. When the Elder proposed that Konoe should stay the the night, Kagari was against it but later came to accept it.

Asato routeEdit

When Asato's mother died after giving birth, everyone in Kira wanted to kill him because he was a taboo child but Kagari stopped them after feeling that he was the same as her. Kagari also volunteered to kill Asato after refusing to kill Konoe and escaping Kira. She later is interrupted by Konoe while trying to kill Asato, she refuses to speak to him and leaves.

Relationships Edit

Asato - Kagari cares about Asato deeply like a son. She is the one who saved him from being killed at birth from Kira and also was the one who volunteered to kill him.