Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki
Basic Information
Other names Leaks' minion
Leaks' sanga
Gender Male
Personal Information
Relationships Leaks (Master)
Skills/Abilities Sanga
Sanga's instrument His life
Other Information
Voice actor Makoto Naruse

Firi (フィリ) is a supporting character in Lamento. Firi first encounters Konoe in the forest and comes to tell him about his power of empathy, demonstrating this by having Konoe see the memories of a bracelet and a necklace.


Firi first appearance.

Firi is a young and thin boy with white hair and a pair of big red eyes. His outfit consists in a red, crimson and black suit. He also has a small sword with a skull on his handle.


Nothing is known about his origins but he follows Leaks with loyalty. He absolutely adores Leaks and respectfully calls him "master". He enjoys to taunt and tease others and let them know that Leaks has the authority.


Firi is seen to be very playful, appearing near Konoe and teasing him about not finding the correct location of his voice. He's very devoted to Leaks and will do anything for him.

Powers & Abilities[]