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(IN PROGRESS) (Contains spoilers obviously)

Rai's Route[]

Rai's Good Ending[]

Rai's Bad Ending[]

Choosing "Ignore the voice" during Rai's battle with Froud will ultimately lead his bad ending. Instead of listening to Konoe's pleas of help, Rai focuses all of his attention on his desire to fight. Rai is able to land a hit straight to Froud's heart but in turn, Froud unleashes Rai's bloodlust in free rein. Froud narrates how he was disappointed that Rai was unable to change from his past self.

Konoe is stabbed from behind by Firi and in his drifting thoughts sees a green flame to which he believes is Froud. Konoe realizes that the now eyeless Rai, is Froud's successor as the Devil of Joy. Rai, seeing the mortally wounded Konoe, transfers part of his newfound powers to Konoe and reminds him of their promise that Konoe will kill Rai if he let his other side take over. Leaks comments, "is this the end of the bonds you believed in" as the Touga-Sanga pair continue to fight for eternity.

Leak's Ending[]

Choosing "I'll run away" when Leak's asks what Konoe will do when Rai loses control means that Leak's is now bored of Konoe and has no reason to keep him alive. He then casually kills Konoe right there and then.

Froud's Ending[]

Froud teasing Konoe

Choosing to take Froud's hand after Leak's possesion means Froud has succeeded in taking ownership of Konoe's soul. He summons Rai and takes them all to his world where he forces Rai to the ground with a blade stabbed through his hand and Konoe to hang suspended in the air. Froud starts by teasing Konoe and even bites some of his ear off. It is revealed that Froud is connected to Rai's past and is the devil Rai had fought that cost him his eye. He then torturously rapes Konoe in front of Rai, forcing Konoe to enjoy it with his powers and torment Rai since he knows Rai is in love with Konoe. In the end during the climax, he makes Konoe come on Rai's face and it ends with the knowledge that after Froud has had his fill, he will then kill and eat Konoe's soul.

Asato's Route[]

Asato's Good Ending[]

Asato Good End CG

Not giving up on Asato after he transforms prompts Konoe to sacrifice his mauled right arm and cut it off. Somehow his perseverance and sacrifice influences Asato to come to his senses and they defeat Leaks with the help of Shui (the Poet) by singing a song. Asato turns back to normal and the devils say their goodbyes, no longer wanting to eat Konoe. A timeskip later, Asato and Konoe are living together and helping each other with their trauma. They visit the village of Kira to finally have closure for Asato and all is well.

Asato end choices

Asato's Bad Ending[]

Konoe gives up on trying to change Asato back into himself after he turns into a giant demonic entity. He finds himself at the cliff described in Asato's mother's memento. Konoe suddenly sees Asato. Asato scratches and bites Konoe and then suddenly tentacles molest Konoe for a bit before Konoe's body gets ripped apart and eaten by Asato.

Bardo's Route[]

Bardo's Good Ending[]

Bardo's Bad Ending[]

Verg's Bad Ending[]

Konoe decides to make a contract with Verg. The contract exchanges Konoe's soul for Verg's attempt at trying to break Bardo's contract. Konoe suddenly finds himself in Verg's castle and discovers that Verg said that he would attempt to break Bardo's contract, but he never said when the contract would be broken. This means that Verg could delay finding a way to annul Bardo's contract as long as he wanted. Konoe is then made into Verg's plaything and is told that his body will be devoured once Verg gets all the pleasure he can out of Konoe.

Razel's Ending[]

Way of Wrath: When Konoe is at the Field of Four Colors he encounters the four devils again. Konoe has to yet again choose how he feels. When Konoe chooses Hellfire, Razel says he understands and leaves. Konoe's ears and tail change back to normal as if the curse had been broken, but instead of waking up, Razel reappears.

Razel's Sigil

He tells Konoe that he somehow or another he made the wrong choice. That he can never return to the world he came from, and this was happening because the one emotion he could not control was anger. As Konoe tries to object to the notion that he gave in to wrath, Razel moves closer to Konoe. A red snake comes from Razel, and makes it way up to Konoe's neck and coils around it. Razel then seizes Konoe's throat with his hand, along with the red snake. Konoe feels entwined with the emitting anger from Razel. Razel tells him to send all his anger to him, to let his fear and despair sublimate to anger, and that Konoe is his. Konoe consciousness then falls into a bottomless darkness.

Sisa falling viewed from the realm of the Devil of Wrath

An unknown amount of time had passed, and Sisa fell into ruin with darkness and demons running rampant. When the two moons had became one, the Meigi had taken over Ransen and turned it into a city of dark magic and corruption.

In the realm of the Devil of Wrath, Razel sat on his throne with Konoe on his lap. Konoe had turned into a devil and Razel's servant sometime after losing consciousness. Well watching Sisa come to an end, Razel points out to Konoe his friends (Rai and Bardo). However, Konoe could barely remember them nor did he care. All Konoe cared about was having sex with Razel, and continued to do so as Sisa fell and the cats perish.

This ending has the least amount of game time as it cuts out a lot of events that happen in the time between the Field of Four Clovers and the other possible endings. Razel's option of Hellfire is the only choice of the 4 devils that prompts an ending immediately.