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Enchantment Master

The Shaman (呪術師), or Bojyo ( as revealed by his One Coin figure ) is a minor character in Lamento, though has two scenes in-game in which he 'helps' Konoe.


He resides within a shrine hidden away in the forest out-skirting the opposite end of Ransen from where Konoe enters. As his title suggests, he is a master in the fields of all things pertaining to divination, spell-breaking, and medicine but does not always reveal all he knows, instead preferring to let people figure things out for themself. He loves to play games and make people feel unsettled. He prefers to have people who don't lose their patience easily in his company. He doesn't get many visitors as he lives in a secluded area hidden by tall grass.


Bojyo is a tall small-type cat with grey fur and white accents. His eyes are a pale green and his skin is very pale and cold, his hands being described as 'clammy'. He wears heavy robes, trinkets and accessories and a mask of what appears to be pottery or bone shards the left of his face. He favors muted, natural colors such as black, olive, mud and maroon. He wears a unique symbol on his robe and holds his body in a confident immovable posture.


Bojyo's carefree attitude clashes with his deep tone, however he is able to get to the point with some seriousness. He is hinted to have more of a depth to his character he doesn't show to people.

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