Basic Information
Race Cat
Type Large-sized cat
Gender Male
Occupation Inn Keeper
Personal Information
Age presumably 40-45
Hometown Setsura
Height 183 cm (~ 6')
Relationships Konoe (possible lover)
Rai (Former Student)
Other Information
Route for history Bardo's
Voice actor Kenji Nomura
Bardo (バルド) is one of the main characters of Lamento. He's a striped cat who owns an inn in Ransen. He's an older cat who's wiser and more experienced than the rest of the cast. He has a cheerful attitude and is good at cooking for his inn's guests.

Appearance Edit



Bardo is a very laid-back guy who loves to tease and likes to face problems with a smile rather than a frown. He more or less runs the entire inn by himself, a rather impressive feat, and is a great cook. He also has a couple of oddball tendencies, since he seems to think it's perfectly alright to sit one of his guests (Konoe) down behind the reception while he goes to run errands, despite barely knowing him, and chucks the dagger Rai threatened him with at same-said guest, saying, "I had the feeling you'd catch it" in the face of Konoe's outraged reaction. That's already a hint that Bardo is no ordinary innkeeper—and indeed he isn't. He's an ex-bounty hunter, and used to be Rai's mentor during his childhood. The past and the rift that opened up between him and Rai are more painful to Bardo than he generally lets on. He feels extremely guilty for being unable to save Rai's parents, and for unintentionally driving Rai away. Bardo worries about Konoe and Rai a great deal, fearing that they are throwing their lives away in the struggle against Leaks, but when Konoe tells him, "I fight to live, not to die", Bardo also resolves to do everything he can, no matter what the odds.


As the proprietor of an inn in the large city of Ransen, Bardo is used to the occasional odd guest. However, when a certain young cat and his strange acquaintances come to stay, it's pretty safe to say that they're the oddest guests Bardo has seen in his entire career...
As Konoe enters the inn, an unknown cat (who is later introduced as Bardo) asks him to open the door.





Bardo and Rai knew each other in the latter's childhood, as both lived in Setsura. Bardo acted as a father figure and mentor towards Rai, whose parents did not care for him very much. He was the one who taught Rai how to use a sword and hunt, and was also the first to notice Rai's insanity. Rai cut off his relations with Bardo when he found out Bardo had made a deal with a devil, thus his hostility towards Bardo. In the end of Bardo's route, their relationship has seemingly improved, as they both spar in their spare time, and Rai is willing to talk to Bardo.