Lamento -Beyond the Void- Wiki
Basic Information
Race Cat
Type Small-sized cat
Gender Male
Personal Information
Age Presumably 20
Hometown Kira
Height 182 cm (~ 6')
Possible race change Monster
Relationships Konoe (Possible lover)
Kaltz (Father)
Kaya (Mother, deceased)
Kagari (Adoptive mother)
Skills/Abilities Touga
Other Information
Route for history Asato's
Voice actor Wataru Hatano

Asato (アサト) is one of the main characters of Lamento. He's a simple-minded warrior from the village of Kira. He has dark skin and black fur. He's extremely socially awkward and has a hard time with crowds and a very simple, almost child-like way of speaking. Despite his awkwardness, he is very loyal and protective of those he likes.




Asato is a strange mixture of innocence and experience—on the one hand, he is a strong and dedicated fighter who is not easily fooled into trusting others, but on the other hand, he displays a child's guileless friendliness and enthusiasm towards Konoe, whose kindness quickly earns him a special place in Asato's heart. He's torn up almost to the point of tears trying to carry out the order to kill Konoe, or face banishment from the village—something that is a horribly frightening prospect to him. It's only through Konoe's words that he finds the courage to seek his own place in life. Having grown up in utter isolation, Asato finds the outside world to be a somewhat bewildering place—you need money to buy things, and the crowds in Ransen are much bigger than what Asato is comfortable with, leading him to walk the roofs to get to where he's going. The center of this new world is undoubtedly Konoe, for whose safety and happiness he'd give anything, and whose approval and company he seeks out the most. This naturally sets him at odds with Rai's rude behavior, and while Asato can take jabs at his own person in stride, he will definitely become aggressive when he perceives Konoe to be insulted or treated badly.


In the isolated village of Kira, Asato is treated with contempt for being the child of a forbidden union. Despite this, he is working hard to protect the village and obey orders. However, his life is turned upside down once he meets a cat from the outside world, a cat with fur black like his own and the most amazing eyes...



Asato has been attached to Konoe ever since he told him that his fur was pretty. He will gladly kill anyone he thinks has hurt Konoe. It is strongly hinted that Asato is in love with Konoe, he can also be very shy towards him thus scratching tree bark. If Konoe chooses Bardo or Rai, Asato will be heartbroken. But he says if that’s what Konoe wants then so be it.


Rai and Asato don't get along very well. Their first meeting was a fight because Asato thought Rai had kidnapped Konoe.


  • Asato gets called various things throughout the game. The following things are: "A slave", "Well trained", "Tamed", "Monster child", "Taboo child", "Cursed child", and "Forbidden child". The name that seems to get to him the most is Monster child.
  • Asato’s seiyuu Wataru Hatano also voices Youji Sakiyama, the protagonist of another Nitro+Chiral game known as Sweet Pool.
  • When he’s nervous, Asato scratches the side of trees. This can be seen when Konoe tries to talk to him.
  • Asato can be seen hanging upside down at times.